New Self Defense Tools – Tactical Flashlight Shadow Hawk X800

It is a flashlight designed for police or military use. Most tactical flashlights are designed to be affixed onto a weapon normally for low-light shooting purposes. They are usually smaller as compared to the traditional flashlights, produce much more light and are also made of robust aircraft grade aluminum parts to facilitate maximum durability and strength. While tactical flashlights are generally designed for police or military units, they are also a very convenient self-defense tool for ordinary citizens.

Are Tactical Flashlight Useful?

top tactical led flashlightTactical flashlights can come in handy during a home invasion. You need the brightest light possible in order to be able to disorient or blind any home invaders and also be able to see clearly whatever you are doing in case of an emergency.

Flashlights equipped with a strobe feature are even more mystifying. With long-lasting lithium batteries and super-bright LED technology, a flashlight that can fit the palm of your hand well contains enough wattage to damage an individual’s night vision and ultimately send them reeling.

One is more likely to carry around a small LED torch than a bulky club-like torch. A flashlight that is around 5 to 6 inches long is the perfect go-to light for most professionals in tactical duties. It is small enough to keep in a pocket or mount on a firearm.

What Is The Shadow Hawk X800

The Shadowhawk x800 tactical LED flashlight is the brightest and most advanced of all flashlights used by policemen, navy seals, the coast guard, firemen and also ordinary civilians. Whether you are driving a long way or perhaps you are walking alone, this super-bright and long lasting light is sufficient to save you during emergency situations or imminent danger. It keeps you prepared at all times for every situation and is the best for dealing with almost any situation.

This resilient flashlight comes with protective cases that are pretty much similar to a handgun. The Shadowhawk x800 is sleek and light, which makes it convenient to carry around with you. The most unique features of this durable flashlight are its zoom capability, the SOS feature as well as the strobe mode that is designed to destroy an attacker’s eyesight to allow you to run safely away or even gain the advantage of striking back.

Reasons To Carry A Tactical Flashlight With You

-An effective impediment to an attacker-Shinning a small high-intensity beam of light directly into the eyes of an aggressor is an ideal self-defense strategy that gives you the chance to get away easily or even fight back.

-Illuminating a dark place with a flashlight forestalls a hiding aggressor from surprising you. Light allows you to identify any threats and also to know whether it is safe to go into certain places.

-Can be used by average civilians as an improvised self-defense weapon- some flashlights have indented edges on the bevel; therefore, in a situation where you are forced to strike back you can simply strike the attacker with these edges.

Shadowhawk flashlighs are discrete- Reaching into your wallet or purse for pepper spray, a gun or knife may attract unwanted attention from attackers; however, if an individual catches a glimpse of your flashlight, they shall certainly think nothing of it.

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